The purpose of this Union is to gather various Associations of Owners of Mobile home in the Siblu camp-sites, already existing and to come, in united actions for a defense of their interests.

You are on our Site! By our experiment we can give you advices and avoid ourselves making mistakes Or are you?

1 You wish to buy a Mobile home, to rent a site on a camp-site and you search reliable information.

2 Owner of a Mobile home and tenant of your piece in a camp-site pertaining to an independent owner or a Company, you are at the time of assessment

You heavily invested in the purchase of your Mobile home and its accessories (am in hiding, air conditioning, trunk etc) The hiring of your site having been dependent in same time, with the purchase of your Mobile home, you hardly had time to decipher the leasing agreement which can contain abusive clauses, and the rules of procedure which are associated for him. You are from now on committed….

3 You are in search of information and of advices on the procedure to be implemented to create an Association

4 legally You are Adherent with an Association, but nothing advances….

How to react in all legality Of Defense associations of the interests of Owners of Mobile home created in the camp-sites of group SIBLU FRANCE gathered in order to create a National union of the Owners of Mobile home UNPMH. Our objective is to make evolve the legislation concerning the camp-sites We must act in order to obtain a constraining legal framework in this field. To date all is left with the appreciation of Judges Nous have however the hope to lead to a result, while taking part in a think tank within the DGE creates under the aegis of Under Direction of Tourism. Join us in our combat Register you on our homepage Enter a login and a password and record Go in SMALL Information: more particularly intended for the potential buyers the Councils: with use them owners anxious to defend their interests Tenants SIBLU, you inform Forum: Expose to us your problems and leave us your contact Contact:

NEWS ACTION 1 DGCCRF Charter of Confidence ACTION 2 Mail and Answer DGCCRF Charter of Transparency

3 Answer of the Union on a possible negotiation Contained of the negotiation